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109 Concord Rd
Acton, MA, 01720


Previous Fugitive Stories Events

THREE years (and counting) of true stories told live

Since its inception in January 2016, Fugitive Stories has produced dozens of events — in Acton, Framingham, and Arlington — bringing the the craft of storytelling to well over a thousand people! Our events were appreciated for their quality, diversity, and best of all, that storytelling had found a stage outside of Boston and Cambridge.

Every evening is a chance for neighbors to meet up, families and/or those just curious to have a night out and for the community to learn an “inside story” about their elected officials or small nonprofit organizations right in their own backyard.

The stories told at our events are full of dreams-come-true and worst nightmares. There was the one about a man being trapped in a car with a swarm of bees; a woman who fled the Nazis who had to leave her dog behind; and the story of a marriage proposal on a roller coaster. What would you say to a neighbor flying a Confederate flag on their lawn in your neighborhood? One storyteller revealed how a broken promise led to a surprising outcome that involved a well-known FBI fugitive! Check out Fugitive's YouTube Videos to see clips of them. Then go back to our Schedule page to find out when you can join us live! 


In Acton at The Gallery at Villageworks (VW) and Arlington at Kickstand Cafe (KS)

January — “Not Sorry” (VW) (KS)
February — “Almost” (VW) (KS)
March — “Enough” (VW) (KS)


In Acton at The Gallery at Villageworks (VW), in Arlington at Kickstand Cafe (KS), and in Framingham at Amazing Things Art Center (AT)

December — “Indulgence” (VW)
November — “Just in Time (VW) (KS)
November — “Being Seen” (Concord Center for the Visual Arts)
November — “Spark!” (Clover Foundation Fundraiser)
October — “No Doubt” (KS)
September — “Missed Opportunity” (KS) (VW)
September — “Rooted” (Farrington Nature Linc Fundraiser)
August — “Time Out” (KS)
July — “Some Like It Hot” (KS)
June — “Summer Breeze ” (KS)
May — “Planting a Seed” (Farrington Nature Linc)
May — “Mother Knows Best” (AT) (KS)
May — “Inspiration” (Concord Center for the Visual Arts)
April — “Bad Timing ” (KS) (VW)
March — "Arrival” (VW) (KS)
February — “What I Did for Love” (VW) (KS) (AT)
January — “Surrender” (VW) (KS)


In Acton at The Gallery at Villageworks (VW), in Arlington at Kickstand Cafe (KS), and in Framingham at Amazing Things Art Center (AT)

December — “Good Intentions” (VW)
November — “On the Move” (VW) (KS)
October — “Breathless” (VW) (KS) (AT)
September — “Ink” (KS)
August — “At Last” (KS)
July — “Do the Right Thing” (KS)
June — “Superstitious” (KS)
May — “Promise” (AT)
May — “Unexpected” (Fundraiser — The Africa Exchange Project)
May — “Stranger” (VW) 
April — “Promise” (VW)
March — “Trust” (VW)
February — “United” (VW) 
February — “Tolerance” (AT) 
January — “Tolerance” (VW)


In Acton at The Gallery at Villageworks

December — “Second Chance” 
November — “Settled” 
October — “Gatherings” 
September — “What’s New”

Co-produced with Massmouth

June — “High Spirits”
April — “That Hurts”
March — “Home Stretch” 
February — “Surprise” 
January — “Fresh Start”