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109 Concord Rd
Acton, MA, 01720


Fugitive Stories

Why storytelling matters

“Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving.” Madeleine L’Engle

We are hard-wired, perhaps at a genetic level, to tell and listen to stories. Stories pass a legacy between generations and are a way in which we form relationships in the here and now. While storytelling is entertainment, it is so much more. It is an art form as old as humanity. It is the primary way that we relate to each other to create kinship and community. Storytelling is a way in which we give a bit of ourselves to others and a way in which we feel less alone. Humanity's earliest stories were about survival, hope, loss, love, and courage. Today’s stories echo the same themes.

STORYTELLING IN West ACTOn, Arlington & Concord

Fugitive Stories presents “Moth-inspired True Stories Told Live“ — non-competitive storytelling events in Acton and Arlington. It was founded in 2016 by producer David Gerratt and storyteller Rose Saia to bring the craft of true stories told live to suburban audiences. Since 2018, David continues to produce roughly 20 events yearly, while Rose has moved on, focusing her time on teaching the art of storytelling and telling more of her own stories in a variety of locations in the Greater Boston area. In each location, we bring featured storytellers to tell a true tale alongside people just like you who may never have told a story on a stage but are inspired by one of our themes. Fugitive Stories featured tellers captivate our audiences — they are some of the best in the country. We also invite audience members who are interested in telling a short story on our theme to drop their name in our hat — we pull a name or two after intermission. Each night is unique and they never fail to entertain.

Hearing a true story in a live performance is fun, moving and transformative. Fugitive Stories evenings Intimately reveal what we all have in common, making people feel more human and more alive. You'll laugh and sometimes shed a few tears. Every event opens a door to a memory, a new friend, or to your heart.

Check our Calendar for event details and to purchase tickets. Read bios of our some of our award-winning tellers below. Events appear in the Calendar approximately one month in advance of performance date.

If you want to tell a story with us, click here.

West Acton

The Gallery at West Acton Villageworks features award-winning storytellers at each event.

  • Sunday, September 22 — “Really?”

  • Sunday, October 20 — “Simply Irresistible”

  • Sunday, November 17 — “Ready or Not”

Storytelling begins at 6pm. Doors open at 5:30pm. The event runs until approximately 7:30pm.

Acton Coffeehouse is open until 6pm. Be sure to grab a beverage and a sweet treat on your way up.

Or stop in at West Side Creamery, just a few doors down for some excellent homemade ice cream and bring it on up.


Fugitive Stories events at Kickstand Cafe have been well received by folks in Arlington.

  • Thursday, August 22 — “The Heat Is On”

  • Thursday, September 26 — “Really?”

  • Thursday, October 24 — “Simply Irresistible”

  • Thursday, November 21 — “Ready or Not”

Storytelling begins at 7:30pm. Doors open at 7pm. The event runs until approximately 9pm.

Click here to purchase tickets online.

The cafe will be serving food and beverages before the event and during intermission. Check out what you can get at Kickstand Cafe.


  • Wednesday, November 6 (Concord Center for the Visual Arts) — “Observation & Imagination”

Watch Fugitive Stories onlinE

Introductory Fugitive Stories Video
Fugitive Stories YouTube Channel
Fugitive Stories at Amazing Things, February 2017
(Watch the full hour-and-a quarter-long event, or fast forward to the stories that interest you.)


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Thanks to the moth and Massmouth

The Moth Radio Hour was where I first heard true stories told live and was the original inspiration for creating Fugitive Stories. But it was our partnership with Massmouth in the spring of 2016 that provided the spark to the Fugitive Stories engine. Thanks to Massmouth (and specifically Cheryl Hamilton) for believing in our original partnership and for helping to identify some of the area’s finest tellers, many of whom we bring to our stage as "Fugitive Stories Featured Tellers." To learn more about Massmouth, go to and watch their nationally syndicated partnership with WGBH-TV, “Stories from the Stage.”