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Acton, MA, 01720


Why Storytelling

“After nourishment, shelter, and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” Philip Pullman

In January 2016, Massmouth of Boston and Fugitive Productions of Acton co-hosted a monthly storytelling series in The Gallery at Villageworks. Experienced tellers from Boston and first-time, local tellers delivered a mix of funny, heart-wrenching, entertaining real-life stories to eager audiences. They shared high points, low points, and occasionally just plain ridiculous moments of their lives. It was thoroughly engaging. Starting this fall, Fugitive Stories, led by Rose Saia and David Gerratt, will be bringing storytelling back to The Gallery. We invite you to listen. We invite you to tell your own story. To learn more about what we do and why we do it, read on . . .

Why Storytelling?

Storytelling is humanity’s oldest form of entertainment. It is the legacy of generations. There’s a thing that happened. There’s the story of the thing that happened. Then there’s the interpretation of the story of the thing that happened. Good tellers identify a moment and craft a compelling story that resonates on many levels — evoking emotion, inviting introspection, and offering a chance to connect with others.

“Fugitive Stories” is a monthly event that brings new and experienced storytellers together to challenge and delight us with this profoundly personal, accessible craft.

Fugitive Stories has been inspired and informed by the groundbreaking work of The Moth Radio Hour, heard on many NPR stations, which has brought “true stories told live” to millions from their competitive slams and community events held in cities all over the world. As The Moth describes its raison d'être: “The Moth is true stories, told live and without notes. [It] celebrates the ability of stories to honor both the diversity and commonality of human experience, and to satisfy a vital human need for connection. It seeks . . . to encourage storytelling among communities whose stories often go unheard.”

About Fugitive Stories

In presenting its monthly, non-competitive showcase, Fugitive Stories shares The Moth’s mission. We reach out to residents in Metrowest and beyond to prepare and tell short stories based on pre-selected themes. Some are first-timers; others are experienced tellers; a few are story slam winners from The Moth and Greater Boston’s Massmouth.

To encourage and welcome people to storytelling, we also open the floor to audience members to step up to the mike with a short (one- to three-minute) story based on our theme. We pick names randomly from a hat during the event to choose these impromptu tellers.

What also sets us apart from competitive slams is that we sometimes partner with community organizations, inviting them to identify tellers who are willing to share stories on a theme that reflects their experiences, mission, and/or work.

Watch Fugitive Stories online

Introductory Fugitive Stories Video:
Fugitive Stories YouTube Channel: bit.y/fugitive-youtube
Fugitive Stories at Amazing Things, February 2017:
Watch the full hour-and-a quarter-long event, or fast forward to the stories that interest you.

With Gratitude

We thank Massmouth — which partnered with Fugitive Productions in the winter and spring of 2016 — for helping to jump-start our wonderful, well-attended story showcase series.

We also thank The Moth — started in 1997 and established in New York City — which paved the way for storytellers, and gave them local and national forums in which to present and refine their craft. The Moth also openly encourages local groups like ours to borrow from their trendsetting efforts as we expand the reach of live storytelling to communities outside of urban areas. 

Finally, a shout out to Christo Tsiaras (“Clarity of Vision”) for filming and editing our video. Click here to learn more about Christo and his work.


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