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Fugitive Stories Featured Tellers

Our Featured Storytellers

“To be a good storyteller, one must be gloriously alive.” Ruth Sawyer

Fugitive Stories Featured Tellers is an accomplished group of storytellers who have appeared on stages in Boston and beyond. Many are Moth StorySLAM winners and GrandSLAM finalists; some can be heard on The Moth Radio Hour or are local celebrities! They include Massmouth Story Slam Winners and Champions, theater professionals, comedians, authors, podcast producers, teachers, and story club competitors.

They include:

Peter Carcia — Massmouth Story Slam Winner, StorySpace Featured Teller
Jannelle Codianni — Massmouth Story Slam Winner & “Big Mouth Off” Champion, WGBH Featured Storyteller
Ben Cunningham — Massmouth “Big Mouth Off” Champion
Matthew Dicks — The Moth StorySLAM Winner & 3x GrandSLAM Champion, founder of Hartford-area SpeakUp Storytelling & published author
Norah Dooley — Teacher & Children’s Author, Massmouth co-founder, StoriesLive Creator, Greater Boston Story Slam Series FounderRachel Gans-Boriskin — Senior Lecturer in Communications at Simmons College where she teaches storytelling
Christine Gentry — The Moth StorySLAM Winner & GrandSLAM Champion, WGBH Featured Storyteller
Robin Golinski — Stand-up comedian & Storyteller, founder & producer of Boston Comedy ChickAmanda Goodwin — The Moth StorySLAM Winner & GrandSLAM Finalist, Chief Storyteller for The Life is Good Kid's Foundation
Cheryl Hamilton — Massmouth Co-producer, Int’l Institute of New England’s “Suitcase Stories” Founder, Co-founder WGBH’s “Stories from the Stage”
Kemp Harris — WGBH Featured Storyteller, Children's Storyteller, Actor, Musician & Composer
Wes Hazard — Massmouth Story Slam Winner & “Big Mouth Off” Finalist, Boston Globe “Comedian to Watch,” New England Emmy Award Winner
Sara Sweet Rabidoux-Kelsey — The Moth StorySLAM Winner & GrandSLAM Champion
Karen Lock Kolp — Moth StorySLAM Winner, “We Turned Out Okay” Podcast Producer
Katie Liesener — Massmouth “Big Mouth Off” Champion, Massmouth Co-producer
Mark Modrall — Massmouth Story Slam Winner & “Big Mouth Off” Semi-Finalist
Don Picard — The Moth StorySLAM Winner & GrandSLAM Finalist, WGBH Featured Storyteller
Rose Saia — Moth GrandSLAM Finalist (3rd place), Massmouth “Big Mouth Off” Semi-Finalist, WGBH Featured Storyteller, Co-founder Fugitive Stories
Brendyn Schneider — Massmouth Story Slam Winner & “Big Mouth Off” Finalist, WGBH Featured Storyteller, StorySpace Featured Teller
Bart Thompson —  Massmouth Story Slam Winner & “Big Mouth Off” Semi-finalist, Producer of “Now Hear This” Storytelling
Bethany Van Delft — Comedian & Storyteller, Mainstage storyteller and host for The Moth, “You’re the Expert” Panelist.
George Vendura (George from the Bronx) — Multiple Massmouth story slam winner,  Massmouth “Big Mouth Off” Champion Finalist
Aaron Wolfe — Moth GrandSLAM winner, Featured on the Moth RadioHour, Teaches Storytelling at the PRX Podcast Garage

Our featured storytellers are committed artists who embrace you with their craft. They love sparking an interest in storytelling or bringing an audience member to a fond memory. Best of all, they are a talented, creative souls full of encouragement for new storytellers!

Thanks to the moth and Massmouth

The Moth Radio Hour was where I first heard true stories told live and was the original inspiration for creating Fugitive Stories. But it was our partnership with Massmouth in the spring of 2016 that provided the spark to the Fugitive Stories engine. Thanks to Massmouth (and specifically Cheryl Hamilton) for believing in our original partnership and for helping to identify some of the area’s finest tellers, many of whom we bring to our stage as "Fugitive Stories Featured Tellers." To learn more about Massmouth, go to and watch their nationally syndicated partnership with WGBH-TV, “Stories from the Stage.”

WANT TO Be A Fugitive?

If you are an experienced storyteller who would like to become a Fugitive Stories Featured Teller, click here to let us know. We welcome new Fugitives to our stages to become a part of the warm community of storytellers and those who enjoy  listening to them.